Yoga Poses Eight Angle

You have also released vast amounts of life-force which Yoga poses eight angle are tied up in our multitude of resistances. Ceasing to resist does not imply being irresponsible Yoga poses eight angle or disinterested. Rather, it means that you will always willingly face the dragons as they appear and never allow the labelsof the ordinary mind to prevent you from experiencing and knowing. But you cannot trickyourself into experience to see whether or not it will work.

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Every moment of your life must become genuine experience.

When, without hesitancy or reservation, you become one with the stream of life, you experience each moment as it truly is, no longer vulnerable to the continual suffering and anxieties which can make everyday living fraught with apprehension. Whenever you perceive that your life is assuming a mechanical nature, you must become aware of the fact that you have ceased to experience. Then use the various techniques which we have learned to merge yourself once again with the stream of life.

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