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The real person only when you reach into the file that Yoga poses crossword the ordinary mind has labelled: Youor I . We must have the realization that this ordinary Yoga poses crossword mind-machine processes data and selects for us likesand dislikes,beliefsand disbeliefs,gradually building a giant file of facts which it labels I.And it does its very best to say, I believe,I think,I like,etc. Thus the I is nourished and inflated.

Now in order to truly realize how the ordinary mind which in this work is considered as synonomous with the ego and the I keeps you in perpetual pursuit without ever bringing you any closer to true peace, security, fulfillment and liberation from endless suffering, desire, fear and anxiety, you must transcend the ordinary mind and grasp this idea of the illusionary Iwith the Universal Mind.

But of course the difficulty involved in accomplishing this is that the ordinary mind cannot conceive of such a thing as transcendingitself! In short, you cannot debate or reason your way beyond your ordinary mind; this is like trying to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. If you would transcend the ordinary mind and see the universe and the true nature of your self,you must allow your ordinary mind to dissolve into the Universal Mind. This begins to occur as you practice the various techniques of physical and mental Yoga.

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