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The mudras of chapter three are closely connected to disparate bindu and Kundalini discourses indicating a Tantric background of this chapter. Many notions related to the subtle body are introduced and the purposes of the techniques seem often relatively clear and consistent. Fluids and life energies have to be stopped from depleting' as one strives for immortality'. It all sounds promising. But then suddenly at the end of the chapter the rug is pulled away under our feet as we are told in verse 126 even the various mudras without raja-yoga are worthless .

The surprised reader wonders why? It all sounded so fine – Kundalini rising, immortality, and health. Why are these wonders suddenly worthless without adding raja-yoga? Clearly hatha-yoga is once more subsumed into a Saivite elite discourse by this little insert.

One is thus led to believe that the problems are external Yoga poses constipation, on the outside, and the solution to the problems comes from within, from his Yoga poses constipation mind. He does not perceive that the problem and the solution arise from the same source! Let us examine from a slightly different vantage point how one may realize the Universal Mind, joining his tiny particle of ego consciousness with the ocean of Universal Consciousness. Imagine a circle with a point in the exact center. Let the circumference of this circle represent the ordinary mind, and the center of the circle represent the Universal Mind. Remember, however, that only the ordinary mind thinks in terms of circumferencesand centers. It is only the ordinary mind that is confined to the world of reason and logic. The Universal Mind is always at the center of everything so mucl so that even the idea of a centerhas no absolute reality. As we attempt to present an insight into Universal Mind with this imagery, we must alternate between the circumference and center of the circle.

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