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The fact that this Iis referred to in authoritative philosophical literature Yoga poses clipart as the egoseems to lend a certain validity and reality to something which you will find is Yoga poses clipart really as elusive as a shadow when you try to take hold of it. Well,you may say, I might have difficulty explaining to someone else who I am, but I certainly know who I am.In this case the Yogi would press you still farther with his questioning. Who is it that knows who you are?

Are there two yous: one who is there and the other who knows he is there? And who is the you that can think that there are two yous? In that case, there must be three yous: 1 the original you; 2 the you that is thinking about you; 3 the you that is thinking about the you that, is thinking about you.Once we start this chain, it extends into infinity, like placing two mirrors face to face and trying to figure out which mirror is reflecting how many images of itself and how many images of the other mirror. Which is the real you? You may answer, The first one.

But how can this first you really be you when he exists only if there is another you to think about him? And how can the second you be the real one if it takes a third to realize the second you is thinking about the first one? Read these above paragraphs over again slowly if they seem confusing, and you will understand how it is that by the very logic which the ordinary mind so extols, we can prove that the YOU which is being carried about is a phantom and actually has no real existence. This you appears to be.

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