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As a key thread in my account I have chosen to focus on how power and knowledge infiltrate each other and the individual self through yoga. We will see how yoga – as a knowledge-practice system – in our Western culture can paradoxically turn into a system of societal control. The individual self – penetrated by yoga – easily becomes a part of modernist society’s social control systems. In summary yoga often became an answer to a demand in Western mass culture: a tool for self-discipline of body and mind in our Darwinian struggle to cope and succeed.
Next consider increasing the doses and switching or adding other mood Yoga poses you can do in bed stabilizers or antidepressant cautiously. For patients who have failed numerous adequate medication trials and talk therapies Yoga poses you can do in bed due to nonresponse or intolerable side effects, begin CAM trials. Omega-3 fatty acids preferably fish oil start with 1,000 mg b.and increase to 8,000 to 10,000 mg/day in divided doses with meals as tolerated. Watch for gastrointestinal side effects. A trial of N-acetylcysteine 2 g/day may be given. Response usually does not occur for at least eight weeks. For bipolar patients who are primarily depressed and who are not prone to becoming manic, trials of R.

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