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Men were very attracted to her sexually, but the dates Yoga poses with bolster never led to a relationship. Ms. W.’s tendencies to be tense, anxious Yoga poses with bolster , and overreactive were still interfering with her ability to develop a close relationship. On the assumption that the patient’s residual tension, anxiety, and overreactivity were due to autonomic imbalance overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system and underactivity of the parasympathetic nervous system the fifth level of treatment was recommended, a mind-body intervention, the Art of Living Basic Course in yoga breathing. After taking this course and practicing the yoga breathing, Ms. W. became much less anxious with fewer episodes of overreactive tachycardia.

Many of the hippies disapproved strongly of such religious interpretations or discourses. Critiques of LSD, on the other hand, would typically interpret the LSD trip in bio-medical terms and talk about it as hallucination’. Their discourse would typically highlight the many potential dangers of LSD: psychological, social and bio-chemical disintegration of the user. So the same LSD-induced experience fuelled numerous discourses emerging and clashing.

This also happened to the ASC generated by many if not most yoga techniques, as we shall see in this book. In the various yoga discourses, however, not only is the interpretation and meaning disputed and politicised, but also the description of what the technique and experience actually consist of. There is no agreement as to how to create the yoga trip or what it actually consists of.

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