Yoga poses before bed

Patient response is variable, so it is worthwhile to try Yoga poses before bed each alone and in combination to determine what works best for the individual. The addition of Yoga poses before bed acupuncture can be beneficial for pain, fatigue, and sleep. A program of yoga breathing and gentle yoga postures can be quite helpful, for example, Qigong, Sudarshan Kriya, or gentle Kundalini. Patients need support and encouragement to locate an appropriate course, attend weekly sessions, and maintain their daily practices.

The authors have found the Basic Course in Sudarshan Kriya taught by the Art of Living Foundation to be particularly helpful for the full range of physical and psychological symptoms in CFS/FMS, and the daily practice requires less than 30 minutes. For those unable to take the course, the HRV training in Resonance Breathing or Coherence Breathing using the Respire I CD www. Coherence can be used see Chapter 3. About 30 to 50% of HIV+ patients experience depressive disorders associated with low immune response, disease progression, decreased expectations of survival, and lower quality of life.

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