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Mantra Repetition A randomized study of 93 HIV-infected adults Yoga poses back pain compared mantra repetition n=46 to the effects of nonsense syllable repetition in a control group Yoga poses back pain n=47. Increased mantra practice measured by wrist counters was associated with a decrease in non-HIV related intrusive thoughts and an increase in quality of life, existential spiritual well-being, meaning/peace, and spiritual faith. Findings suggest that a mantra group intervention and individual practice may reduce emotional distress and improve spiritual well-being.

After three months, the measures returned to baseline.

The loss of efficacy over time was attributed to lack of practice, refresher sessions, and face-to-face follow-up Bormann, Gifford, Shively, Smith, Redwine et al.

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2006. Mindfulness Meditation and Concentrative Meditation Kundalini In a randomized crossover study of 78 men with HIV Centers for Disease Control CDC Stage II or III, who had previously practiced meditation for at least one year and were not taking psychotropic medications, 36 subjects were assigned to receive 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation first and 36 to engage in 20 minutes of concentrative meditation first. Both practices significantly improved scores on Social Efficacy and Health Behavior Self-Efficacy, but not on General Self-Efficacy Khalsa, 2007.

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