Yoga Poses Asanas for Balance and Fitness by Sharmila Nicollet

Hi I’m Jamila Nicolette I’m a professional golfer I feel that fitness is very important for any sports person’s life and today I’m going to show you some physical balance exercises balance the critical element of fitness it’s one of the five elements of fitness it helps us to balance our body as well as to be karma rickshaw sauna or Tripos is done to attain balance raise one leg place it on your hip raise your arms up look at a point.

Yoga Poses Asanas for Balance and Fitness by Sharmila Nicollet Photo Gallery

And breathe slowly try and hold this for one minute. And then we repeat on the other side virabhadr Asana 3 is more complicated and demanding balance pause first stand on your left foot interlock the thumbs of your hands stretch the right leg at the back and extend the body while looking at a point maintain this balance for about 10 deep breaths come back to the start position. And then repeat on the other side I hope you found this useful you should definitely do it at home and please check out my other posts on emptor.

And then just go straight the way over. And you can really hurt your back so when you feel like this start to fall what I want you to do is tuck into a ball tuck your chin in. And then you’ll roll out nice and gently when you work into yourself thank you so much for reading today I hope you enjoyed learning headstand and thank you to those of you who have come into below and please do comment more, if you like to you’d like to subscribe you can’t do above thank you very much rip see you soon bye bye.

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