Yoga poses and what they do

Compared with 19 age-matched healthy men, 19 men Yoga poses and what they do with FMS showed SNS hyperreactivity and low PNS activity with abnormal autonomic responses during postural changes Cohen Yoga poses and what they do , Neumann, Alhosshle, Kotler, Abu-Shakra, & Buskila, 2001. Depression frequently precedes exhaustion of the stress response system. Fifty percent of people with FMS had major depression during the previous year or at the time of diagnosis of FMS. Mind-body practices for FMS/CFS, including relaxation, hypnotherapy, and biofeedback provide some limited benefit while Qigong and Mindfulness Meditation are supported by uncontrolled studies Ernst, 2004; Kaplan, Goldenberg, & Galvin-Nadeau, 1993; von Weiss, 2002.

Yoga breathing can help normalize the activity of the SNS and PNS, reducing stress reactivity and improving mood, sleep, anxiety, cognitive function, and immune parameters see Chapter 3. In a two-year prospective study of CAM use, 155 subjects with CFS of unclear etiology, average age 67 years, and mean symptom duration of 6. 7 Years, were assessed for fatigue and other symptoms at baseline, six months, and two years.

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