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Each moment that you put into any form of meditation produces Yoga poses for abs results beyond the imagination! THE POSTURE ROUTINE In this section you will find a suggested routine Yoga poses for abs of Yoga exercises asanas which will serve as preparation for meditation. This is not to be considered as a complete program of the postures, but only as a selection of techniques which will, in a brief period of time, impart the vitality and tranquility necessary to meditate to the greatest advantage.

The exercises in the following routine should be performed in the exact order of presentation. If you are already familiar with these postures from my other writings, the routine will present no problem. If you will be performing the postures for the first time, you must pay careful attention to the directions so that you learn and practice correctly. As you become adept in the routine you should not pause between the exercises unless instructed to do so in the directions but rather perform them in a continuous manner, making the movements of one posture flow, like a dance, into the next. The entire routine, once learned, should require approximately fifteen minutes to complete, and this should be followed directly with a period of meditation approximately ten to twenty minutes in duration: The following important points pertain to your practice: 1. For practice, choose a quiet place with a good supply of fresh air.

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