Yoga poses for 9 year olds

Were significantly reduced after the mind-body skill program and Yoga poses for 9 year olds remained reduced at 9- and 15-month follow-up. This study lacked a Yoga poses for 9 year olds control and had other methodological limitations. It is difficult to evaluate which of the many components were essential for the therapeutic effect. Nevertheless, it suggests that a multimodal program of mind-body practices may reduce symptoms of PTSD. The Australian government provides extensive services and psychological support for veterans, many of whom served as advance scouts and survived heavy combat.

Thirty-five years later, many Australian Vietnam veterans remain permanently disabled due to chronic PTSD complicated by substance abuse or medical problems. A six-week Iyengar Yoga program was given to disabled Australian veterans of the Vietnam War with PTSD in four small open studies. Although the Iyengar Yoga postures improved symptoms of depression, the addition of yoga breathing particularly Ujjayi and Ham Su meditation significantly reduced symptoms of PTSD, including anxiety, insomnia, flashbacks, and anger outbursts Carter & Byrne, 2004.

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