Yoga poses for 7 year olds

This study supports the short- and long-term benefits Yoga poses for 7 year olds of the intervention, but requires validation by larger randomized controlled trials. A review of controlled Yoga poses for 7 year olds research 15 studies on the effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction found the evidence for benefits in anxiety and depression to be equivocal. In studies using an active control group, mindfulness-based stress reduction showed no effect. Most studies did not report on adherence to a daily practice routine. Analysis of those studies that assessed program adherence found that the relationship between practicing mindfulness and symptom improvement was equivocal Toneatto & Nguyen, 2007.

Transcendental Meditation In an 18-week randomized controlled trial of 31 subjects with anxiety neurosis DSM-II, Transcendental Meditation was compared to muscle biofeedback and relaxation. The three interventions were equally effective in reducing anxiety but did not alleviate insomnia. The dropout rate was 44% Raskin, Bali & Peeke, 1980.

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