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Tai Chi Chuan was found to reduce psychological and physical indicators Yoga poses for over 60 of stress and anxiety in a nonrandomized comparison study of 33 experienced and 33 beginning practitioners before Yoga poses for over 60 , during, and after the practice Jin, 1989. Compared to baseline Profile of Mood States, ratings of tension, depression, anger, fatigue, and confusion were significantly lower during and after Tai Chi. However, state anxiety was significantly lower before than during Tai Chi [f1. Larger trials are needed to confirm these observations.

Sahaja Yoga Sahaja Yoga includes thoughtless awareness, self-affirmations, and breathwork. It is being studied in epileptic patients, but has not yet been studied in anxiety disorders Panjwani, Selvamurthy, Singh, Gupta, Thakur et al. Ramaratnam & Sridharan, Ha Breath of Hawaii The knowledge of Ha Breath has been passed down through generations of kahunas, island priests, in Hawaii. Breath techniques with postures and arm movements include a form similar to Ujjayi called Ou ka Leo O ka Pu, meaning the voice of the shell sounds, the sound of a seashell held up to an ear.

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