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During the last 100 years there has, evolved among artists, a range of techniques to bring the mind into creative states – to bring it out of its everyday-state of restricting rationality and conformity. If we combine this in a truly multi disciplinary way with the insight of contemplative traditions and further involve sciences like neuro-psychological research, cybernetics, Gestalt psychology, and biology, some interesting distinctions appear418.

First I suggest that we initially treat ASC loosely as trance’ and we define trance as state of awareness insensible to sensory input. Trance is not the same as unconsciousness.

After three months, the parents reported that he was doing Yoga poses 4 person coherent breathing for one hour at bedtime and that it enabled him to fall asleep. He Yoga poses 4 person learned to pace his breathing without the CD during the day whenever he felt stressed or uncomfortable. Consequently, his anxiety, avoidance, adjustment to school, and overall behavior improved. His ability to focus his attention at school and during homework increased. Qigong Qigong is an ancient Taoist and Chinese system of yoga used for health and longevity. Internal Qigong uses primarily concentrated attention with inhalation, exhalation, and breath holds to stimulate the circulation of blood and the vital life energy, qi. Basic Qigong exercises are generally done while breathing at a rate of approximately five breaths per minute, as in resonant breathing see above. External Qigong focuses on physical movements, breathwork, and internal quiescence.

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