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Case 1 Explosive Rage, PTSD, Insomnia A 27- Yoga poses 3 person year-old construction worker, Mike had recurring problem with his wife and at work due Yoga poses 3 person to explosive rages, a pattern in three generations of men in his family. He was among the first rescue workers during the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks and spent many months at Ground Zero. After 9/11, he developed PTSD with increased dysphoria, distress, insomnia, and worsening rage attacks. The problems at home escalated.

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Trials of psychotherapy, debriefing, cognitive behavior therapy, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and mood stabilizers were completely ineffective. Coherent breathing or resonant breathing is a safe, easy, accessible, inexpensive method for relief of anxiety, avoidance, insomnia, PTSD, anger, impulsivity, depression, and ADD. It is appropriate for all patients, including children, adults, geriatric and medically ill patients, and women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Ujjayi breathing further enhances the benefits of coherent breathing.

Sensory deprivation goes the other way: the mind receives no input and commences to generate its own. This is often demonstrated in a water tank where the subject lies in absolute silence and darkness in salt water at body temperature. Soon you will hear voices and have visions.

Subsystems of the brain are for some reason reproducing input – probably very similar to what is happening in dreams?

I have put this dimension horizontally into the map – sensory overload versus deprivation. For our discussion in relation to yoga I suggest we add two further polarities along a vertical dimensions: Repetitive Sensory Numbing and Drug Inducement, rhythmic trance created by repetitive numbing of the senses is known to most of us. It happens in situations of continuous monotonous input: rhythmic dance; whirling around; drumming; hypnotic talk; repetitive music etc..

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