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Low respiratory sinus arrhythmia reflecting low vagal activity is associated with Yoga poses 3 person easy negative states of mind, fear and depression in infants, aggression and antisocial behavior in adolescent Yoga poses 3 person easy boys, depression, anxiety disorder, and panic disorder Beauchaine, 2001; Carney et al., 1995; Mezzacappa et al., 1997. Research on Mind-Body Practices for Anxiety Disorders Research on mind-body techniques has been limited by the use of older methodologies, small numbers of subjects, nonrandomization, and lack of placebo controls.

A review of meditation for anxiety disorders found that only 2 out of 50 studies met inclusion criteria Krisanaprakornkit, Krisanaprakornkit, Piyavhatkul, & Laopaiboon, 2006; Raskin, Bali, & Peeke, 1980; Shannahoff-Khalsa, Ray, Levine, Gallen, Schwartz et al. As with any treatment, the relationship with the patient, the discussion and timing of the intervention, the capacity to adapt the intervention to the individual’s needs, and the integration with concurrent treatments are critical for positive results. Coherent Breathing or Resonant Breathing A modern adaptation of the ancient practice of breathing at approximately five breaths per minute has been called coherent breathing by Stephen Elliot Elliott & Edmonson, 2005. Breathing at approximately five to six breaths per minute, also called resonant breathing by Paul Lehrer, promotes sympathovagal balance and cardiorespiratory resonance Song & Lehrer, 2003; Vaschillo, Vaschillo, & Lehrer, 2006.

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