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Larger studies are needed to extend these interesting findings. Excess Yoga Plow Yoga Posetheta and reduced beta or alpha rhythms have been noted on EEGs of ADHD children. Promising Yoga Plow Yoga Poseresults have been reported using neurotherapy to enhance alpha or beta rhythms, but further studies are needed Larsen, 2006; Lubar & Lubar, 1984; Nash, 2000; Ramirez, Desantis, & Opler, 2001. In a 12-week nonrandomized study of children with ADHD between the ages of 8 and 12 years, 22 children were given neurotherapy and 12 were treated with methylphenidate. Children whose parents preferred an alternative to medication were assigned to neurotherapy treatment.

Both treatments significantly improved scores on all subscales of the Test of Variables of Attention TOVA and on both the parent and teacher Conners Behavior Rating Scales Fuchs, Birbaumer, Lutzenberger, Gruzelier, & Kaiser, 2003. One hundred children with ADD and ADHD, 6 to 19 years old, were treated for one year in an outpatient program where they all received methylphenidate Ritalin, parent counseling, and academic support at school. EEG biofeedback therapy was also given to 51 of the participants.

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