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Thus we have now seen that asceticism (one of the principles of yoga) had various specific meanings to some of the Sramanas. Their version of asceticism was defined and given meaning by rituals and discourses related to death and dying. Hence it is assumed that the new discourses linking asceticism with the release of the soul evolved out of ancient rituals of suicide. In this way we have defined a significant new and different cultural field, where professional intellectuals specialising in the art of dying developed new Axial Age discourses related to that cultural field. It was a field strongly conditioned by the code and habitus embodied in asceticism.

So we have established a connection between suicide rituals and the proto-yogic parameter of asceticism. Can we also link the second parameter of meditation to this context? Could Sramanic meditation practices also have emerged out of such cultural fields of death rituals? In other words could yogic meditation be seen as evolving out of new ascetic rituals of mortifying the body and mind? To answer this we need to look further into how the Sramanas constructed meditation as closely linked to liberation, the third parameter of proto-yoga. In order to do this I will follow another influential book by the Indologist J. Bronkhorst The two Traditions of Meditation in Ancient India (1986). We shall see here how the meaning of meditation as still-mind’ perhaps emerged as a part of Sramanic ascetic suicide rituals.

Begin to slowly exhale and lower the arms. Lower the Yoga pants for women feet partially. 5 Continue the very deep exhalation. The abdomen is contracted and you allow Yoga pants for women yourself to wither . The body assumes a limp position as the deep exhalation is completed. Without pause the inhalation tand body movements are repeated. Perform the Complete Breath Standing three 13 Sit with your legs stretched straight out before you. The feet should be together.

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