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Eyelids are lowered. Any one of the positions depicted in Yoga pants meme Figs. 1, 3, 4 or 6 are acceptable for the various meditation exercises. Yoga pants meme 4 The Half-Lotus with the legs reversed. The left foot rests on top of the right thigh or in the cleft of the right leg. The student must determine which position of the Half-Lotus is the more comfortable. 5 Preparation for the Full-Lotus. Either foot is placed to rest on top of the opposite thigh.

So, in the wider population throughout most of India’s history, the men claiming through their special skills to be semi-divine are not known and identified by their meditation, but by their supernatural powers.

This imagination continued to thrive. As the Muslims and later the British took over India they quickly realised that there were groups of people who were seen to have magic powers. The English John Marshal, for instance, reports shortly before.

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