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When, for example, you are working with the physical Yoga outfits postures, you do not allow your mind or your emotions to pull you away and distract Yoga outfits your attention. The body reigns supreme during the practice of the exercises. When you work with your mind in meditation you allow no interference from the physical or emotional bodies. Since in this course of study we practice with both body and mind, our progress can be accelerated. The physical postures should automatically call for your full attention ahd their very practice quiets and relaxes the mind as well as the body.

That is why, if you do the postures correctly, the physical practice becomes a form of active meditation! Another way of discussing Yoga is to employ the word unity. In working toward integration, we attempt always to be aware that all objects, thoughts everything that is manifest in the entire universe both seen and unseen, known and unknown spring from one source and re- turn to this source. Behind everything is one supreme intelligence Universal Mind.

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