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When the ordinary mind realizes that its own true nature is Yoga on yamhill continual change and that nothing which the senses perceive has any true permanence, it becomes ripe Yoga on yamhill to abandon its fruitless chase after the illusion of satisfaction, fulfillment and security through attaching itself to things and conditions of the world. Thus the student of Yoga learns to gradually control his senses because of the peace which results from this control and he is able more and more to turn his mind inward.

By examining his senses and understanding, in the most profound sense of the word, the manner in which they function, he can trace 48 them to their point of origin. At this point of origin he experiences unity and he realizes how the apparent differences which he has observed in the externalworld are actually the result of the way in which the senses function. As one becomes aware of this principle of unity, of oneness, he finds that the various aspects of his organism, the three bodies, begin to integrate.

One can look for an unparalleled feeling of peace as this happens, for you have the sense of true security rather than being like the leaf in the wind which is helplessly blown about in every direction. But regardless of how fully one may understand the problems of the ordinary mind and its infinite delusions, this understanding with the intellect can never by itself quiet the organism or achieve the unity and integration of which we have spoken. To accomplish this we must use the specific techniques of meditation; integration is an experience, not an intellectual theory.

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