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We have stated that the student of Yoga traces the origin Yoga on netflix of his senses. A great river may have many tributaries and you can find this main Yoga on netflix stream by following any of the tributaries back to its point of origin. So it is that the senses perceive many things which appear different and separate but actually arise from a common source. When you are able to perceive that you too have come from, are sustained by, and return to this source, you realize your supreme identity.

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The river of your individual self merges with the ocean of Universal Mind and Yoga is achieved! Now it has already been pointed out that we have very little control over the ordinary mind; it is continually in motion. If you can learn to suspend its incessant movement for only a brief interval, you begin to realize how this ordinary mind keeps you in a state of perpetual confusion, uncertainty and insecurity. The situation is similar to what transpires in watching a movie.

You allow yourself to be deceived by the apparent movement taking place on the screen.

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