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Under such circumstances how can one be expected to function efficiently Yoga oasis , be singlepointed in his objective and gain any degree of spiritual insight? The Objective of Yoga oasis Yoga At this point of our study we can hefine the word Yogaas integration.Other definitions may be given as unityor joining together.These are all more or less the same.

In Yoga, you attempt to integrate or join these separate bodies and this integration enables you to function under full power, producing a great awakeningof your latent faculties. The awakening destroys the illusion or dream of your separate egowhich is the thing that keeps one a perpetual slave to worry, fear, anxiety and insecurity. All of the philosophy and techniques both physical and mental are for the purpose of accomplishing this integration. In working for integration, you attempt to achieve what is known as one-pointedness.

That is, you can work with one of your three bodies, temporarily making the others subservient to it so that only the one with which you are working receives purposeful attention; the others do not have the opportunity to continually interfere and pull you in different directions.

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