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But none of these ideas are true. You cannot, Yoga new orleans therefore, attempt to reason about and understand the super-consciousness. You can only experience Yoga new orleans it! Active and Passive Meditation The investigation of the self,of which we have spoken before, is undertaken through the various techniques of meditation.

Meditation may be active or passive. That is, it may be practiced in the midst bf any and all of your daily activities, in which case it is active, or it may be practiced in privacy and solitude when you temporarily have physically withdrawn yourself from the world of activity for a designated period of time each day. In the latter case it is passive.

To continue our investigation of the self, let us next use the technique of observation of the ordinary mind. Just as we previously tried to catch the body where it is tense and unnecessarily strained, draining our vital energies, we will now attempt to learn how the ordinary mind is needlessly sapping our life-force and how, by allowing it to run wild, without control, it binds us each day more and more to the wheel of empty promises and endless desires.

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