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At frequent intervals during the day, whenever you can remember Yoga namaste to do so, observe your mind. Notice if it has been concentrated on what you Yoga namasteare doing, helping you to do it with the maximum efficiency Yoga namaste and least expenditure of time and energy, or if it is wandering, continually distracted and Yoga namaste filled with thoughts that have no bearing on your work.

Persons who cannot concentrate their minds on the point of their work generally prove inefficient. They waste time and energy and the quality of what they do is poor. Knowing how to concentrate will open up new faculties of the mind and give you an insight into how to accomplish what you must with a minimum of effort. Also, during your leisure hours, notice if your mind is cluttered with idle day-dreams, wishful thinking, repetitious thoughts of the past and fantasies of the future.

Such workings of the ordinary mind sap our life-force and lend sub stance and reality to the illusionary way in which we see the world and ourselves in relation to it. If you use the above methods of suddenly, unexpectedly getting the feelof your ordinary mind, of observing the thoughts which are passing through it at various times of the day, you will become very aware of how much these thoughts include useless concern, false anxiety and foolish daydreaming.

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