If we make ourselves conscious of the fact that everything we do we are doing unto God, that it is a worship, an offering, a sacrifice, then here is the great ritual; nothing need be changed except our feeling about it. Though I admit that when you become conscious of that feeling, everything will be more perfectly done. There will be no carelessness, no neglect; nor shall we recriminate against our own God. We shall not revile Him and rebuke Him and find fault with Him and hate Him. Whatever His outer form, what does it matter? God comes in the form of a saint, in the form of a sinner, of the learned or of the ignorant, of the old and the young, of the healthy and the sick, of the good and the bad. What difference does it make what His form is, when we know He who dwells within that form is the perfect God?

If you say, Oh, I cannot think like that’, so much the worse for you! Let me tell you that until we have learned to take the truth to be truth, there shall be no end to our suffering. There is no magic by which suffering can be avoided. So the truth has to be accepted. Don’t be in any way affected by the outside. Go within, and know that before you is this living Being, God, Then you will have the ritual of the modern age. And this is the ritual Swami Vivekananda expected us to practise.

I had the good fortune of undertaking this ritual also, so that just as I could say the other ritual has miraculous results, I can say this ritual also is miraculous. I practised it, and when I used to serve human beings, I could not but feel that I was serving the Lord Himself. And I may add that once you have got the knack of it, that is to say, once you have trained your thought out of foolishness into the path of truth, you will find it is the easiest practice of all, and the deepest. Ordinarily we live so superficially no peace there, no rest there. Knowledge of truth and ignorance get mixed up in our minds. But the moment you try to look at things rightly, you take your stand on solid ground; you will look at things from a profound depth where there is peace and light and joy, and everything becomes right and true.

I shall add only this: If you want to practise formal ritualism, then put heart into it, so that very soon you can go beyond it. But you will make much greater and much quicker progress if you practise the ritualism that Swami Vivekananda taught: the worship of the Virat, the worship of the visible God, God who is present before us as mankind and as individual human beings.


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