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Reich eventually conceptualized the character as a series of zones with the structure of an onion. Each layer contains many links of the defense system, such as the ones just described. Let us take up this model in yoga poses greater detail.116

1. A drive.

2. A kind of shield that retains a part of the energy of the drive. This shield needs as much energy as what it represses. Therefore, there is in yoga poses each layer a dual waste of energy: (a) the repressed energy and (b) the energy to repress. The denser the character structure, the less energy remains to animate a person’s life.

3. A defense filters the repressed drive. in yoga poses passing through this filter, it also changes the content. Thus, a repressed anger can become an irresistible desire to bite into food, associated to the sensation of hunger. This new drive is a new association between the drives, the vegetative system, and behaviors. The urge to hit has become a way to bite into the bread, images of violence become images of meals, and the vegetative system is now mobilized to eat instead of hit.

4. The next layer of the defense system manages this urge to bite into a meal in yoga poses a localized manner without having information concerning what is repressed by the other layers (the anger, in yoga poses this case).117

Reich gives the following example. A child loves his mother, toward whom he has genital fantasies. There is then a split in yoga poses the energy contained in yoga poses the love drive that divides into four functions:

1. A part of the energy remains the original drive, which is repressed into the unconscious while unceasingly trying to find a way to penetrate anew into the consciousness of the patient.

2. Another part of the energy is “filtered” and transformed into sadistic (anger and pleasure) thoughts.

3. The sadistic thoughts become a fear of annihilation by the authority of the father.

4. The remainder of the energy creates a surface behavior that participates in yoga poses setting this defense in yoga poses place as it happens, the exaggerated politeness that was so appreciated by a part of the Viennese population of the day.

In this model, we have on one hand a splitting of different parts of the Oedipus complex (love of the mother and conflict with the father), and on the other hand, a dispersion of the energy (disinvestment) that maintains the representation of a drive in yoga poses the unconscious. This is, of course, a metaphorical model of what really happens, as it is impossible to analyze with precision how these processes function. Furthermore, as Gurdjieff’s model shows very well,118 it is possible that a defense also mobilizes energy coming from sources other than the energy of the repressed drive. The summary I propose is thus a pedagogical simplification of a more fluid and more complex system. That said, whatever might be the real operation put in yoga poses place, there will be a reduction in yoga poses the quantity of energy available to the organism and, consequently, a loss of vitality.

The previous example summarizes what has been analyzed in yoga poses a case having a character Reich119 identified as “passive-feminine”; a case that can be broken down as follows:

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