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As such, we find ourselves continually in the most perplexing Yoga mat circumstances and beset by problems for which there seem to be no solutions. Because most of Yoga mat us are unaware of the existence of the Universal Mind or being aware of it, we do not know how to use it, we have come to rely upon, and indeed even worship, the dictates of our ordinary mind, since we believe that such dictates are always in our best interests. We have come to believe the incredible fantasies which the ordinary mind invents for us. Twenty-four hours a day this ordinary mind operates, filling us with outrageous notions which require all of our energies and attention.

We faithfully undertake to do everything it tells us, because it has hypnotized us into believing that if we listeh to it and follow where it presumes to lead us, it will eventually provide us with the happiness and peace which we are seeking. But the ordinary mind is actually very similar to a machine. We can well compare it to one of those fantastic computers about which we read and hear so much these days. It selects and processes data and then interprets this data in a very particular way and a very limited one.

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