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Some texts in the post-HYP discourse.

Mid 15th Cent. HYP – later texts add little theoria and praxis.

Mid 15-18th Cent. Siva-samhita- hatha into Vedanta/Saivite discourse.

15th-18 Cent. Late Yoga-Upanishads – mainly Vedantic incorporations.

Mid 17th Cent.

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Hatha-ratnavali – mainly meditative poses.

Mid 18th Cent. Gheranda-samhita – domesticates hatha.

Mid 18th Cent. Joga-pradipika – mainly meditative poses.

Mid 19th Cent. 3 Commentaries.

The next scripture was called Siva-samhita. There is little agreement about the dating of this Saivite document. Some say 15 century and others 18 century. This text mentions that there exist 84 asanas but it describes only four. So this text pays even less attention to asana practice than HYP. This text – strongly reminiscent of HYP – is however largely coloured by Vedanta philosophy and, like Gheranda-samhita, adds nothing to HYP.

It is not concerned that you are suffering in many areas Yoga mat shoes because of its games. You will come to understand through the meditation techniques that you are Yoga mat shoes not your ordinary mind and that it has not nearly the importance which we attach to it. The entire concept of internalwithin and externalwithout and of each of us existing as a separate individual apart and different from our fellow man is an illusion a dream of the ordinary mind. This is one of its games. This ordinary mind, along with the senses and the emotions which it uses as its cohorts to help play its games, has succeeded in creating the idea of a separate egoso that each of us has the impression that he has, and is, a separate self; that without it he would lose his identity and in some way or other would cease to exist. But nothing could be further from the TRUTH. Indeed, the exact opposite is true, as we shall see. The real tragedy of the dream of the self is that it prevents us from knowing our true nature, that of the Universal Mind.

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