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Based on these dedicated hatha-yoga writings, one can conclude that there seems to be no increased sophistication of the use-value of the hatha-yoga doctrine during all these years. The texts were clearly not about developing, scrutinising, refining and exploring the hatha-yoga technologies and doctrines. This was the same conclusion that we made about the Yoga

Sutra commentary tradition.

Hatha-yoga in the late Yoga-Upanishads discourse

Most texts dealing with hatha-yoga seem mainly interested in reflecting on its notions in relation to existing sign systems. This comes across clearly if we investigate the Brahmin Upanishad genre from this period. It appears that hatha-yoga discourse became relatively popular among some Brahmins. 108 Upanishads became compiled in India between 17001750. Many of them included material directly lifted from HYP. I have already in the Tantra chapter investigated some of the 20 late Yoga- Upanishads , which was a part of those 108.

The Wheel of Life Thus we come to learn that the Yoga mat sandals usual method of seeking happiness through the mechanism of the ordinary mind is like looking for the Yoga mat sandals pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We know there can be no end of the rainbowbecause what we see of it is merely part of a circle. So it is that our ordinary mind forces us to travel around and around in a great circle, promising us always that the pot of gold lies just beyond. But this pot of gold which we can call our goalsand objectivesin life recedes before us like the horizon. In our Yoga study we use the symbol of a wheel which we call the wheel of lifeto indicate how we are imprisoned in the vicious circle of attempting to satisfy our endless desires. Upon this wheel, each of us must pass through all of the possible conditions of human existence, alternating between opposites, as day follows night, unable to realize the peace which we desire and to drink the waters that will truly satisfy out thirst. Attempting, therefore, to find peace through the channels of the ordinary mind is like trying to put out a fire with oil. We believe falsely that we may find such peaCe by satisfying our desires and set out to do so.

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