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ASC takes many forms and intensities. The ASC produced by rapidly drinking a glass of vodka cannot be compared to taking LSD, ecstatic orgasm or hypnosis. For more about ASC and its various types (ASC generators’), see the Appendix on methodology where ASC is discussed.

Tapas, yoga, vrata and upasana – related ASC generators

The proto-yoga and early-yoga cultures I have identified all developed various new groundbreaking ASC generators and combined them with older established technologies. It seems that their technologies were primarily related to and signified by death rituals. The purpose was to calm the mind and body system. This would result in a quieting of the mind’s perpetual chatter and lead to deep absorption. Now the soul of the person was deemed ready to die. At that time various names and labels were given to either a single technology or a cluster of them. There was apparently no agreed and well-defined terminology.

At the lower tips of the shoulder blades it moves forward Yoga for lower back pain and lifts the front of the chest up. This loop provides essential support for the arms Yoga for lower back pain and head. The Skull Loop moves the base of the skull back and up, lightens the head on the neck, and softens the eyes. Balanced Action: The principles all reflect the balance of opposite currents of energy and action in the body in and out, up and down, etc.. This balance brings a dynamic stability so that the poses are not rigid, collapsed, or mechanical, but alive, well organized, and expressive. Glossary abduction Movement away from the midline. Lifting one’s arms to either side abducts them abductor hallucis A muscle that brings the great toe away from the other toes, originating at the calcaneus and the soft tissues nearby, and inserting at the outside of the proximal bone of the great toe.

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