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As shown earlier the texts mainly repeated each other. We see no real refinement of hatha-yoga asana practice and theory. There was no evidence of an autonomous discourse undergoing change or being in progress. So these few scriptures seem not to indicate an ongoing hatha yoga asana tradition of writers who contemplated hatha-yoga philosophy and questioned why asana practice ought to a have a primary position.

Hence we should expect innovation and refinement of hatha-yoga asana tradition to take place outside those groups who wrote about hatha-yoga.

People whose energies are being wasted, or whose life- Yoga knoxville force is being sapped from their physical, emotional or mental bodies, are generally worn- Yoga knoxville out without knowing why; they tire easily and cannot count on having sufficient energy available when they need it. Such people are blown about by life like a leaf in the wind, without sta- bility or certainty, and for them life is a never-ending series of frustrations, problems and tragedies. You must now learn to relax in each of your activities. Make every move count. Take a lesson from the cat who so well represents potential energy. Notice how he moves, stretches, relaxes. He looks disinterested and almost lazy, but let the mouse run by and the cat pounces upon him with one swift, forceful movement. The cat wastes no energy.

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