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The puzzle of the refinements of asana

There are still remnants of the warrior ascetics in modern India. The tradition of the ascetic wrestlers still exists today as the so-called nagas – the naked ascetics. They are fighting ascetics’ organised into armies. They live in fortified temples and are trained to fight. They – like other wrestlers – do asana (physical postures) and sun-salutations (a series of fluid linked stretching poses) as part of their training365. These asanas and sun-salutations are almost identical to the ones found in the hatha-yoga classes of modern Western gyms and yoga studios. Paradoxically enough these poses are not to be found anywhere in the documented hatha-yoga discourse. How come?

He can teach you a great deal about conservation. To Yoga knee pads learn more about your wasteful actions, learn to observe yourself at sudden, frequent, unexpected Yoga knee pads intervals during the day. Stop what you are doing and look at yourself in action. You will be surprised at how you catch yourself wasting energy through unconscious nervous habits and tensed muscles. You can make a game of this. Whenever you can remember to do so, observe your body in action and notice where and how you are tense. Let your mind run quickly over your entire body, beginning from your toes and working upward. Gently and calmly order all of the strained muscles and all tense areas which are making no direct contribution to what you are doing, to RELAX! Notice whether you are making useless, wasteful movements in your activities.

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