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Hatha-yoga – and Patanjali-yoga – also found its way into Muslim elite culture. It was widely known among different Indian Sufi branches – like the Chishtis and Shattaris – and various translations were circulated in educated Muslim circles (Ernst 2003 & 2005). However, there never emerged a Sufi- or Muslim- yoga. The yoga texts – their mysticism and supernatural powers – intrigued and puzzled the Muslim elite audience, but had little effect on their religious practices.

The reader might wonder if some of the many other ascetic cults and orders – like the ascetic warrior cults or Saivite monastic orders – adopted the promising hatha-yoga techniques and integrated them into their life style? This might have been so among the leading cadres and intellectuals of those monastic orders, but probably not among the illiterate destitute majority. There might have been oral instructions, but until now few writings have been unearthed. Briggs’ ethnographic studies of the Gorakhnath and Kanphata yogis in the early 20 Century reveal a milieu of Sadhus less conducive to yogic theoria and praxis. Jacobsen’s (2012) and Lamb’s (2012) more recent reports indicate much more dissemination of yoga in the daily life of monks and Sadhus. We witness here a milieu influenced by modernist expectations and orientations about the correct way to live a yogic life.

Finally, we could speculate whether the hatha-yoga techniques were adopted and further developed outside yoga milieus, for instance among wrestlers, soldiers, acrobats and dancers who also had strong existing body disciplines? Maybe such milieus and institution could have been conducive to development and refinement of hatha-yoga? This will be discussed below.

Another important loss of life-force occurs when you are Yoga kansas city in the company of certa’in people. Many persons, not having sufficient life- Yoga kansas city force in their own organisms, draw on the vitality of those around them. Unless you know how to prevent this life-force from leaving your body which you will learn as you practice these techniques, you will feel exhausted, depressed and negative after being in the company of these people. If you know which people have this effect on you, try to avoid their company as much as possible. Associate whenever you can with people who have as much or more life-force than yourself and who leave you with an elevated, positive feeling. Idle chatter is another way in which many people continually use up their life-force. We tend to talk a great deal and actually say very little. Much of this conversation is because we are afraid of sitting still, afraid of silence.

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