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As shown earlier, it was a typical ideological manoeuvre throughout Indian history to accept competitive rituals, ideas and practices by giving them an inferior status in one's own existing worldview and practices. This is how cultural and religious fields work. According to such an inclusive strategy, hatha-yoga by itself cannot bring liberation. It just sorted out some basic body issues very quickly.

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The real work was still left to the old practices and doctrines like meditation or Saivite rituals362.

The irony is that HYP of Svatmarama was itself an example of such an inclusion strategy. As HYP was written in Sanskrit its audience was the upper castes. The text showed the audience that hatha-yoga's techniques could be meaningfully integrated in existing theological discourse.

With this manoeuvre hatha-yoga lost its power and independence. 363

Television programs, movies, newspapers, and magazines that are Yoga kalamazoo preoccupied with lust, violence, murder, sin, sex, etc. Force you to Yoga kalamazoo devote your thoughts and attention to them and in many cases to actually livethem. That is why several hours of television viewing will often leave you limp and exhausted. It takes energy to think and act on all of these things and such energy is a poor investment, since all you do is pass the precious hours of your life and feed your mind with negative thought forms.

There is very little return for this investment. Most of our forms of entertainmentdo not relax us and do not stimulate us positively. They pulverize our nervous systems and make us more tense and emotionally strained than ever.

Do not be tricked into giving your precious time and energy to these things.

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