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However, more recent studies are showing that underactivity of the Yoga journal poses anxiety PNS is an important feature of anxiety disorders and many other conditions including panic, PTSD, Yoga journal poses anxiety depression, ADHD, aggression, sociopathy, and autism.

Medications have not been shown to boost the activity of the PNS even though it is critical for restoring balance within the stress response system Glassman, Bigger, Gaffney, & Van Zyl, 2007. Adaptogenic herbs such as Rhodiola rosea may boost PNS activity Baranov, 1994. The importance of autonomic nervous system function and methods to enhance PNS activity using certain mind-body techniques are discussed in Chapter 3.

Go for the Gold: Optimal Health The goal of treatment is remission, the complete relief of symptoms and resumption of full functioning in all areas of life. While 100% remission is not possible in all cases, it is well worth exploring complementary treatments to increase the patient’s progress toward this goal. Integrative mental health care broadens the focus from reducing the burden of disease to attaining optimal health. Clients who have struggled with mental health issues for many years may not know what level of function they might attain.

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