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Amongst all these body-oriented institutions, there was an extensive exchange of ideas and practices. If new stretching postures were developed by any of these traditions, they would automatically become a part of the circuit of exchange – the discourse – and then become the target of sustained improvements and developments. So Sjoman conjectures that these body circuits could have been the true laboratories of what we today know as asana – specific yoga stretching poses.

There is some documentary evidence supporting this hypothesis further – especially from the Mysore palace. As it happened it was the Mysore yoga tradition , which would be one of the main sources for modern Western asana centred yoga practice!

Spondyloarthropathy See ankylosing spondylitis. Spondylolisthesis The undesired sliding of one Yoga jones vertebra generally forward on the one below it. The displacement is graded grade I = 1 Yoga jones -25 percent, grade II = 25-50 percent, etc.. It can result in narrowing of the central canal stenosis or it may narrow a neuroforamen, causing radiculopathy. Displacement may also be posterior retrolisthesis or sideways lateral listhesis. Spondylolysis Separation of the facet-bearing part of a vertebra from the vertebral body. This can occur by traumatic fracture of the pars intraarticularis and is believed to be congenital in some cases.

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