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World War, we get a very different picture. Now asana has moved to an all-dominating centrepiece of practice! However, many of the original hatha-yoga techniques are hardly practised anymore. Another significant difference is that pranayama has moved to the background of modern practice, often just practised briefly in the beginning of an asana-yoga session. Further, modernist asanas are endowed with a level of sophistication and detailed description not really occurring in the textual tradition.

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366 So where does the change come from?

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Sjoman in 1999 published a book The yoga Tradition of the Mysore Palace, which scrutinised this discrepancy between the written hatha-yoga discourse and the actual practice today. Sjoman wondered whether modernist postural yoga is related to the textual tradition at all? How could such changes possibly emerge within the meagre textual tradition or within an illiterate impoverished yogi order? Sjoman speculated that there might be an overseen milieu not paid attention to, which is the real source of modernist postural yoga.

This nerve is an exception to the rule that all communication Yoga jokes between the body and the brain occurs by virtue of the spinal cord. Vasovagal episode Abrupt Yoga jokes changes in abdominal or thoracic pressure e.g when voiding, or when in an airplane or headstand that can trigger the vagus nerve to slow down the heart, at times causing fainting.

Voluntary subluxation Repeated separation of the humerus from the glenoid fossa, a very painful form of shoulder joint abnormality that can happen without trauma in people prone to it. If it happens twice, corrective surgery is suggested. Zygapophyseal joints Referring to the facet joints that link each vertebra to the one above and the one below it.

From the Greek root zugon, meaning yoke, possibly because these joint surfaces are somewhat ovoid. This book is designed to point the way toward a particular and unique experience.

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