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Section I the philosophical section is meant to impart to the Yoga jeans reader more of a feelingof the Yogic wisdom than to appeal to his intellect. Each of Yoga jeans the concepts and techniques discussed in this section is usually treated in very great detail, often requiring many volumes, in the classical writings of Yogic scholars.

However, for most Americans who desire a practical working knowledge of the principles of Yoga, these detailed expositions, which even in the various English translations are replete with hundreds of Sanskrit teirns, are usually discouraging. Therefore, the elaborate philosophical details of the original works are here reduced to what I believe constitute their essence. As such, the reader is advised to carefully reflect upon and digest each chapter before proceeding to the next.

Each meditation technique should be experimented with for at least one week so that the reader can derive a feelingof it and determine what value it holds for him, personally. When preparing to practice any of the meditation exercises of Section I, it is necessary to refer also to Sections II and III. Because the philosophic principles are highly condensed, the various chapters will acquire a new and expanding meaning each time they are read.

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