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But who is this Self? How does one go in Yoga janelle monae search of it? Where is it hiding? What sort of directions are necessary to find Yoga janelle monae it, and if it is found, how does one learn to knowit? YOGA is man’s oldest known method of scientifically dealing with the great riddle of the self. It prescribes first that we take a real close-up look at the hidden aspects of this self. For example, we continually use the word I.

But how well do we know this I his opinions, his beliefs, his likes and dislikes? Could it be possible that the real YOU may have absolutely nothing to do with the I who decides what he likes and dislikes, what he is going to do and not do, etc.? This is certainly an unusual concept, because we generally worship our I and attempt to cater to him in every way, giving him what he wants and nourishing his beliefs, his likes, his desires.

It comes as a shock to be’told that the I is actually a stranger in our house who has gradually taken over our lives and now runs things entirely his own way! In the study of Yoga we learn that we have not nearly the understanding of the I that we may like to think we have I know myself very welland that we further, have almost no control over what the I now is or what it may become. In other words, the self or I controls the true YOU and tells you what to do. Since we do not understand how this self has tricked us, we blindly obey its commands.

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