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Another document describes and shows 122 asanas. It is the Sritattvanidhi, written down in the early 19 century. The document is a compilation of many different older asana traditions. Many of its descriptions are centred on the demanding flow of movements between poses. This flow is today called vinyasa . 369

The final document of interest is another revival of old warrior exercises. This document – the Vyayama dipika – is from about 1900. The scripture tries to synthesise several older traditions. Of significant interest are the danda exercises. These are dynamic sequences of poses. Some are sun-salutations described in exactly the way they are used today. Others are push-up exercises, similar to vinyasa sequences used in modern ashtanga and Power yoga.370 The document shows further how to get into backbends using support and help – all techniques used intensively in modernist yoga styles like Iyengar yoga.

Retrolisthesis See spondylolisthesis. rheumatoid arthritis Arthritic damage to joints resulting Yoga instructor salary from the immune system’s actions, generally on the joint capsules’ lining or synovium. rotator cuff Yoga instructor salary syndrome or tear The rotator cuff consists of the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis muscles, which secure the humerus into the shoulder socket. A rip in the fabric of any of these technically qualifies as rotator cuff syndrome. Usually rotator cuff syndrome includes the supraspinatus tendon, whether other muscles or tendons are involved or not. Supraspinatus tears cause pain when lifting the arm between 80 and 120 degrees. sacroiliac joint A bilateral synovial joint between the outer edges of the sacrum and the inner edges of the iliac bones. sacroiliitis Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint.

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