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The patella is the largest sesamoid bone in the human body Yoga indianapolis. SLAP lesion Tear of the superior labrum of the shoulder joint, occurring in an anterior Yoga indianapolis -posterior direction where the long head of the biceps tendon crosses just above the joint. Spinal cord The part of the central nervous system that descends within the vertebral column, conducting nearly all motor and sensory communications between the body and the brain. The cord is divided into cervical neck, thoracic where the ribs are, and lumbar from the ribs to the pelvis regions.

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Spinal stenosis Narrowing of the inside of the central canal of the spine, which is formed by the column of vertebrae. This canal houses the spinal cord see above. The narrowing can be due to an intervertebral disc that bulges or has herniated at a specific level; a thickening of the bones, which can narrow whole sections of the spinal canal; or a swollen ligamentum flavum, which can narrow variable stretches of the canal.

The pain, numbness, weakness, and paresthesias that result from this type of compression of the nerve fibers are usually somewhat symmetrical.

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