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We could go further and conclude that the effect of ASC is a typical effect linked to the yoga sign – as it is of many other practices (like Tai-chi, relaxation techniques, sport forms, hypnosis, drugs). In other words, we could say that the use-value of yoga is typically – but not necessarily – a function of ASC. But this should not lead us to believe that ASC – and the specific use-value related to it – has throughout history been the primary concern of the written yoga discourse. I will return to this.

Finally this often seen link between yoga and ASC should not tempt us to generalise that this always was so. With this cautionary remark we can return to the discussion of yoga and ASC.

Gastroesophageal reflux Nonphysiological flow of digestive juices and eaten material back Yoga hosers to the esophagus from the stomach. This can be due to weak gastroesophageal sphincter muscles, Yoga hosers but rarely occurs after inverted yoga poses unless it also occurs when the practitioner is right-side up. Those with GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease should not do yoga for five hours after eating. genu valgum Inward tilting of the knee joint, toward the other knee. Genu varus Outward tilting of the knee joint, away from the other knee. glenoid fossa The shallow cup-shaped part of the scapula into which the humerus upper arm bone fits to form the shoulder joint. golfer’s elbow Inflammation of the inside medial side of the elbow, generally involving the tendons of the muscles that flex the wrist, or the connective tissue to which they are attached. Golgi tendon organs Sensory nerve endings embedded in each tendon’s fibers that send signals inhibiting the contraction of the muscle to which the tendon is attached.

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