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Yoga and Altered States of Consciousness (ASC)

In my selected genealogy of the yoga discourse, I ended with ancient suicide rituals as a major source of the early yoga discourse. Here people preparing for a ritual death mortified their body-mind systems by using a wide range of diverse techniques like fasting, breath retention, ethical conduct, metaphysical philosophy, sense withdrawal, and mind focussing. If successful, the calmed soul would be able to rest in death. It was released from karmic driven samsara (rebirth).

I believe that in this ritual institution we can identify some underlying typical and significant constituents, which came to mark large parts – but of course not all – of the yoga discourse throughout history. The common component I have identified is the psychological term Altered States of Consciousness ‘ (hereafter ASC ). It is important to note that this concept is not a definition of yoga. Why not? Because many other practices, techniques and events produce similar states of consciousness. Yoga is just one of them. But it seems that most of the emerging techniques – which some groups at the time of Buddha labelled yoga’ -produced states of consciousness that can today be labelled ASC.

The shoulder joint, for example, has posterior, anterior Yoga hosers trailer , superior, and lateral labra. The superior labrum is often damaged in an anterior- Yoga hosers trailer posterior direction SLAP lesion. In the hip, labral tears are common in dancers and yoga students. However, the anterior joint capsular fibers are very strong and resist tearing, as they counterbalance the trunk’s weight during walking. Labral tears are painful, and difficult to diagnose without MRI. lateral Toward the side. latissimus dorsi Large muscles connecting the back of the pelvis to the inner upper area of the humerus. Their primary action is to rotate and bring the arms inward and behind the body.

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