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However, Krishna worshippers stretched the yoga concept so far that they almost negated its hitherto central tenets. They did this by allowing the self-efforts of yoga – the individual’s disciplined endeavours to overcome personal karma – to be overshadowed by the grace of god. Without the blessing and grace of Krishna, yoga efforts were deemed to be futile. In the yoga discourse of the Gita human self-reliance was overridden by theistic submission and dependency. Hence the Gita – turning the raison d’etre of yoga on its head – is a good example of how difficult it is to identify a meaningful common denominator in the yoga discourse. Various groups throughout history have used the yoga word – the signifier – for whatever purpose they chose, creating numerous logical inconsistencies.

The yoga discourse in its first 500 years was probably a wide and heterogeneous but fertile discourse field such as we see in the Mahabharata, where new ideas and practices continuously emerged, mutated and then faded away again. In tracing the genealogy of the yoga signifier, I have focussed on one of these various sub-branches; I am well aware of the high probability that my selection may reflect my modernist pre-suppositions and filters, and not actual history.

Ligamentum flavum A yellowish ligament that extends the entire length of Yoga hosers release date the spine, lining the rear portion of the long spinal canal that the nerves pass through Yoga hosers release date on their way from the brain to the arms and legs and body. Longitudinal arch The rising curve of the inner foot that distributes weight to the heel and ball of the foot. Its keystone is the navicular bone. lordosis The normal convexity-forward arching of the lumbar and cervical spine. lumbar spine The five vertebrae at the lower end of the spine, from the level of the twelfth rib to the sacrum macular degeneration Loss of cellular function in the most sensitive part of the eye. In the wet form of macular degeneration, new blood vessel formation crowds out some of the light-sensitive cells. Their rupture and subsequent hemorrhage damages the macula, potentially causing vision to deteriorate substantially. In the more common dry form, pigmented areas drusen impair vision much less.

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