Yoga for High Blood Pressure

Spinal/Neck injury High Blood Pressure Not advised after first three months of pregnancy (except when supervised by an experienced yoga teacher).

I signed onto the introductory offer of 20 days for £30 – bargain! So I booked into my first class online and off 1 went to Fitness on Fire, near Old Street tube.

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I’ll warn you now – there ain’t no frills to this place! Firstly, if you want to get in to the studio (once you’ve tried buzzing and there’s no answer) you have to wait for someone to enter the building for you to tailgate. You then find out why no one answered the buzzer – there’s no one at reception! This was certainly very different to other studios I’ve visited. However,

I wasn’t going to let first impressions ruin my class. The place itself is spacious as far as yoga studios go – especially the changing room which makes a nice change.

So I got changed and walked into the practice studio – a hot, dark space with beautiful music floating into the warm air. I immediately felt calm and looked forward to the class which was ‘Hot Express Yoga’ with Gabriella Ozi (a substitute teacher). I really enjoyed this class and Gabriella emanated a wonderfully, peaceful aura whilst guiding us through a very strong practice.

My second class was a complete contrast however. I went to ‘Hot Ashtanga Vinyasa’ and unfortunately the teacher’s manner was rather abrupt and I found it hard to follow her teaching style. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt as perhaps she was having a bad day but I stuck to Gabriella’s classes from then on.

If you want luxury, don’t go to this studio but if you want solid, hot yoga classes at a reasonable price then head to Fitness j on Fire to sweat it out! A

I spent lo-years working in the city as a Reinsurance Broker at Lloyds, before becoming a Reinsurance Underwriter with a highly profitable portfolio worth millions. Then I had a career change!

After completing my Ashtanga Teacher Training in India, a Vedic Astrologer offered to create my chart for free, as he discovered something unusual called, ‘Yoga – a joyful duty to train yoga teachers’. With my family in tow, I travelled to Thailand and the Red Sea, teaching many inspiring retreats and developing a brand of yoga scuba diving.

During this time, I studied with many yoga masters I could only have dreamed of encountering; and in 2008 my dream continued in Ibiza – the Himalayas of the Mediterranean. I have attracted an eclectic band of students from across the world to my Ibiza Teacher Trainings – from Azerbaijan to New Orleans, Texas to Switzerland student teachers who love to express their wonderful talents in the abundant nature of the garden of joy, Ibiza.

I am a certified Doula, with a joy and passion for teaching Pregnancy yoga and Post Natal yoga. I also specialise in Ayurveda, Philosophy and Anatomy and Physiology, which are taught during the 200 and 500 Hour Teacher Trainings and the Pregnancy Modules.

I also serve as a BWY Regional Training Officer for London, organising dozens of Training events, and creating vibrant opportunities for continuous professional development in the city.

I am offering a Teacher Training Discount to Yoga yoga readers. For more information visit

Like many variations of Down Face Dog this version primarily elicits length in the spine.

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