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What is crucial to grasp is that even if many of the extant texts discuss yoga techniques in relation to ASC, this does not imply that this was why they wrote about yoga in the first place. The fact that ASC is most often implied in the yoga discourse should not lead us to conclude that it was crucial for what the text wanted to communicate. This book has shown that it was often other issues than ASC that motivated and drove the written yoga discourse. This is where the distinction use-value versus social symbolic-value enters. The thesis is that as yoga writers reflected on yoga’s use-value (that is they were ascribing use-value to its ASC), they instantaneously – willingly or unwillingly – produced symbolic-value. This is where yoga becomes culture, the subject of this book.

Secondly, the notion of ASC is not trying to define the core principles of yoga and what they signify. Rather, it tries to identify a theme that is common not just to most use of the yoga signifier (the word itself), but is also shared with a range of similar discourses like Buddhism, Jainism, Saivism, and Tantra. ASC is however a technical theme or category that we as readers and historians force upon yoga. ASC as a technical psychological notion was of course never a part of the yoga discourse itself, and it is much too broad a notion to be able to define any discourse. Still, it seems useful.

Effusion Collection of fluid beyond what is physiologically required. This Yoga groupon can occur in joints, distorting the relationships and movement patterns of the bones, or in Yoga groupon other places e.g pulmonary effusion. elastin A component of connective tissue made up of polypeptide protein chains that cross-link like collagen but with the opposite effect: they coil into a form that may uncoil when the fiber is stretched, and resile recoil when the stretch is terminated. eversion Lateral movement of the foot toward the little toe side and a lifting up of that side, producing an outward-facing sole. Extension Motion of bones at a joint away from each other or away from the torso. Exception: Ankle and toe extension bring the foot and toes upward. facet syndrome Painful spinal condition resulting from arthritis or other mechanical problems in the facet joints of the vertebrae.

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