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It is evident to me that my vision of yoga and choice of genealogy (as being related to ASC) steps into typical modernist filtering of yoga – modernity’s fascination and preoccupation with consciousness and ASC. However the difference is that I am not saying that the utility of ASC is the cause for the production of yoga culture. I see ASC as providing the basis for discourses about the use-values and symbolic-values of yoga, but I do not believe as many modernist yoga writers do – that the use-value actually was at the centre of the purpose of written yoga discourse. Here we instead find symbolic-value. In short: ASC is a fine common denominator but it is not crucial to the purpose and dynamics of yoga as culture.

Thirdly ASC is a notion chosen because it is rooted in the biological human body – its psycho-physiology – and because we are increasingly capable of measuring indications of this state of mind. It has been very successfully used by for instance Kroll and Bachrach in their important cross-disciplinary research in The Mystic Mind (2005). By employing this notion we are able to summarise many conclusions of the book in a series of related statements, which follows below.

Cross-linked molecules of collagen greatly resist stretch and are Yoga gifts stronger than many metals. collateral ligaments, medial and lateral Tough cartilaginous thongs that attach the Yoga gifts tibia and fibula to the femur at the inner and outer areas Yoga gifts of the knee. The most common pathology of these ligaments is sprain. They can also Yoga gifts be stretched, giving the knee wiggle room and leading to valgum and varus deformities. In addition, they can tear along with the menisci. contralateral The opposite side e.g the right is contralateral to the left. conus medullaris The enlargement of the spinal cord at the lowest thoracic level, where it gives rise to the fibers for all five lumbar levels that make up the cauda equina.

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