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I’m a scarf and baby duck and welcome to an annual yoga for cervical spondylosis cervical spondylosis is caused. Because of degeneration in the cervical spine the symptoms are pain in the neck abnormal sensations or numbness in folders. And your arms. And also stiffness in the neck this set of yoga Asanas will help you to reduce the pain in the neck it will also help you strengthen the neck muscles.

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And stop the growth of cervical spondylosis neck exercise this exercise will help you to strengthen the neck muscles to go into this practice you are sitting with a back erect or you can even stand with the back erect you take the palm and keep it by the side of your forehead. And the temples the elbow is on the side not coming forward now from this position you just apply a pressure on the head as, if you are trying to move the head on the left side. But resist it with the head don’t allow the head to turn we apply the pressure hold for about 2-3 seconds.

And then again relax the muscles apply the pressure and relax the muscles apply the pressure and relax the muscles and last time applied the pressure and relax the muscles. And then drop the hand down. And you do it with the other hand left arm I’m coming by the side of your forehead elbow on the side apply the pressure and relax apply relax apply and relax last time lied and aligns and drop the hand down you will immediately feel that these muscles are getting worked out in this practice.

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